Extraordinary Precious Stones sources at Blue Gems


BLUE GEMS CO., LTD. was established in August, 2003 under the management of Mr. Nattawut Tovikkai. Mr. Tovikkai has many years of experience in the gemstone industry. His team of enthusiastic specialists is more than willing to both serve customers and satisfy their needs. Our company has a variety of gemstones for both domestic and overseas customers.

BLUE GEMS is divided into two sections: the showroom section and the wholesale section. This division has been made in order to facilitate retail and wholesale customers, while addressing their separate needs. Our company does business by exporting gemstones overseas. We are widely recognized and accepted as a symbol of quality by foreign customers.


Wholesale Section

In the wholesale section, the emphasis is on trading over 1 carat rubies and blue sapphires in all shapes and levels of quality with our high turn over stock of Burmese ruby in the most popular calibrated size to free size and various quality of big size single stones. For blue sapphire, our full stock of different quality and shade is provided to meet all kinds of customer need with quaranteed quality and reasonable price.

Showroom Section

Our company has opened a showroom in order to display our products to customers who have never done business with us before. Hence, customers can see samples of our products and compare them with other products in the market. In addition, our products in the showroom are popular among tourists who receive the opportunity to buy genuine products as souvenirs at standard prices, without having to be worried about forgeries.